Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome to Windy Acres Farm

Hello, Welcome to our farm blog.

Windy Acres Farm is a community of wonderful people who have come to together to further the vision of Alfred and Carney Farris on 487 acres of certified organic fields in the sunniest spot in Tennessee, Orlinda. At the time of this post, Alfred and Carney are in Soroti, Uganda working with Hands In Service. While they are ministering in Africa, Sam Justice, organic grain specialist, master mechanic and co-farm manager with Alfred is keeping the farm up an running with the help of my family, the Harness Family and two wonderful workers, Jose and Marrow. My son, Brayden, is learning to work in the shop in addition to his work with the cattle and sheep. He is also our resident milker. Rhayna is an all around helper wherever she is needed and her gardening skills are about to be dusted off as we begin to prepare the gardens.

The Harness family contains so much talent that I may need a separate blog to list them all. Ron, head of the household, is a jack of all trades and is indispensible to the farm. Nicole is my partner in crime in the store and is the resident baker, book keeper, gardener and all around great person. Keith is farm worker and chicken expert and his sister Brittany his our animal trainer, cow milker and is amazing in the garden.

Jose and Marrow are the kind of workers that no one can really describe. They work behind the scenes to make all that we do possible. We rarely see them but their handiwork is evident everywhere on the farm.

As for Alfred and Carney, I will let them speak for themselves when they come home from Uganda.

Thanks for visiting our blog, we will have plenty more in the future.


  1. Well, I am thrilled to see you all have a website up now! This is GREAT! Dave Waters picks me up soft wheat and whole corn....for the family. I'd love to be able to use your feed grade stuff for my homestead one of these days too.

    Love the grains. Please keep it up! I keep telling people about you!


    Kristin (Monroe County, TN)

  2. Found your blog from a link on one of my customer's blogs! Looking forward to chatting with y'all at the Franklin Market throughout the new growing season and gleaning from your store of wisdom. So glad to have gotten to know y'all in the past few months!