Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Naturally Sick Child

My family suffered waves of illness last week, and I found it difficult to maintain a natural/healthy approach. I had some turkey bone broth on hand which, when cooked up with spinach and barley, made a healthy and healing soup for upset tummies. I attempted to make my own saltine crackers from scratch, but that was a colossal fail. They turned out more like thin and tasteless wheaten biscuits. The kids still nibbled at them, and perhaps that is the point of saltines when sick anyway. I attempted to give my 2 year old and almost 4 year old mineral water, but they said it was "too spicy" so I did wind up getting some sprite instead even though it was loaded with sugar and who knows what else.

As this is cold and flu season, I hope I can keep lots of bone broth on hand in my freezer and maybe we can beat the next bug more quickly! In the meantime, I hope you have been staying healthy and enjoying the holidays!

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  1. We had something go through in January. The bone broth (with added Celtic Sea Salt for more minerals) really helped. Of course, not eating much save what is quickly and easily assimilated is best. Our bodies, when sick, need to direct energy from food digestion to healing. Hydration is important. BTW, I find the fermented Ginger Ale recipe from Nourishing Traditions equally as healing and easy to digest as bone broth. It lasts for a number of months so perhaps, next Autumn, making some to have on hand "just in case".