Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Highland Babies

Highland babies are being born almost on a daily basis on the farm and oh, they are the cutest things. Since our herd of Highlands are all different colors, we have a full array of shades of babies on the ground already. This is the perfect time for babies since the mamas are just starting to fresh grass which will help with their milk production. If they calve much later the babies grow too large and then we have big problems. We found that once the cows were allowed to act like cows, breeding when they are ready, eating what come natural - grass only - we haven't had any birthing problems. In 13 years we have only pulled 4 calves and all were twins. That is stress free farming! Stress free for the farmers and the cows.


  1. what cuties! one day we hope to add cows to our little farm. i have always like the highlands.

  2. Hi Marmee,
    one of the great things about the Highlands is their small size. It is so much easier to have a couple of Highlands on a small acreage than the larger breeds. Also, we are working on breeding our Dutch Belted milk cows to be smaller so that it would be easy to keep a milk cow and a beef cow on a few acres without having to look at mini breeds which are extremely expensive.
    Good Luck!