Monday, July 20, 2009

A Cheep off the Old Block

With our eggs from pastured free range chickens in such high demand we have made the decision to increase our egg production. We have ordered 100 Buff Orpington chicks and will bring in 100 Rhode Island Reds and 100 Plymouth Rock chicks.

Our Buffs arrived on Thursday and are settling in to their home nicely. One constant concern with baby chicks is suffocation. The chicks pile together in a corner and suffocate the smaller chicks that tend to pile in first. During a nightly check on the babies I thought I saw a small chick behind sticking out of a hole in a brick placed in the booder to keep critters out. When I picked up the brick thinking I would be prying a dead baby from a hole I found a pleasant surprise, two more babies resting comfortably in each hole.

Thankfully, all three girls were comfy and cozy and seemed quite miffed that I had disturbed them.


  1. that is funny and so cute. i thought at first sight they were shipped that