Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tips for Better Charcoal Grilling

1. Use enough charcoal. There is no sense spending $50.00 on grass fed steaks and then steaming them over an inadequate fire. The size of your grill, the amount of food being cooked and the desired intensity of the fire are all factors in decided how much charcoal to use. You need a fire that is slightly larger than the space on the cooking grate occupied by the food. the higher you pile the charcoal, and therefore the closer it is to the cooking grate,, the more intense the fire will be.

2. Make sure the coals are covered with fine, gray ash before you start to grill. Fine, gray ash is a sign that the coals are fully lit and hot.

3. Once the coals are ready, set the cooking grate in place and let it heat up for five minutes. Once the grate is hot, scrape it clean with a grill brush.

4. Don't use the cover when grill. It can impart an off-flavor to foods. If you need to trap heat to cook something through, cover the food with a disposable aluminum pan or pie plate.

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