Friday, October 16, 2009

Grinding Grain: Is it economical?

If you've considered the health benefits of grinding your own grain into flour, but haven't been sure if it would be worth the extra cost of investing in a grinder, be sure to read this interesting analysis of how one family saved as much in six months as they spent on the mill, and continues to save significant amounts every year.

Did you know you can purchase NutriMill Grain Mills from the farm shop? Talk to Debbie or leave us a comment if you think you might be interested. Christmas is just around the corner and a grain mill would make a fabulous present that would be a gift to your family year 'round.

HT: Money Saving Mom for the link!
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  1. we finally made bread last was so good. we would be interested in thie grain mill. we come to the farmer's market every saturday and the one in leiper's fork on wednesday. what is the price of a mill?
    we will stop by your stand tomorrow.

  2. We are thinking seriously of buying one. Since my husband is diabetic, I have avoided regular baking for the last few years; however, now that our kids are growing I'd rather them eating fresh than White Lily.