Monday, June 22, 2009

Organic Gardening: An Unexpected Weeding Buddy

The other morning I was going about my duties, minding my own business, when I had this intense feeling. I don't know how many of you get this overwhelming dread that your cow is not where she should be. I suppose I could liken it to a new mother who use to be a deep sleeper that could be roused by no mere fire alarm, but once that precious little bundle arrives every little cough or giggle has her up and sprinting like a gazelle. We just KNOW something is not right. That is how it is when you have a cow in your yard, every once in a while I get this feeling in my gut, and I just KNOW that Sweet Pea is getting into trouble.

Well, sure enough a glance out the window proved my intuitions are still top notch. Sweet Pea was in my garden and chowing down! I ran out to chase her out of my glorious, although weedy, paradise but as I got closer I noticed that she seemed to be eating the weeds. Surely not! Not with an appetite like that! Talk about a bull in a china shop, Sweet Pea is anything but delicate. But as I stood watching, ever ready to jump and run, she never once eat anything but the weeds. We weeded together for about 1 hour while she just munched on Johnson grass (her favorite) and other sundry weeds. Here are some pictures for the unbelievers among you. Did you ever see such a guilty look on a cow?

I love it when the benefits of homesteading overlap: here we have organic gardening and sustainable farming in a perfect symbiotic relationship!

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