Monday, August 17, 2009

Any Questions?

Is there something you've always wondered about farming, raw milk, organic food or natural living but never asked? Anything about the farm that sparks your curiosity and makes you want to know more? Please feel free to leave a comment with your question or concern and we'll gladly answer it, either in person or in a future blog post. Ask away!


  1. I bought the sour cream culture at the Farm Shop and it came out runny. I was sure that I followed the directions, but it was even runnier than my yogurt. What did I do wrong? Thanks for your help!

  2. Hello Laryssa,
    thanks for your note. Sorry for your troubles with the culture. I have found that any time I use a culture with raw cream I need to leave it a little longer than it states on the package.

    Here are some other things I would think about
    1. Did you get only cream to culture or did you get any milk when separating? This will definately keep it from getting very thick.
    2. How long did you culture the cream for?
    3. Did you heat the cream at all or just use it at room temperature?

    Don't worry, we'll figure it out! Also, don't throw out the culture, no matter how runny it is you can still culture from it.

  3. Thanks!
    I used half and half, as called for on the recipe.

    I let it culture about 15 hours on the counter.

    I did heat the cream to 185 to pasteurize it (the recipe called for pasteurized cream) then let it cool to 85 before adding the culture.

    Should I just use my cheese cloth and strain it?

    I'm not disappointed, I just want to figure out how to make it better. We have still been eating it. ;-)