Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peace Of Yarn Fibers

Yak Merino Roving ready to spin

Once in a while a company comes along that you know you just have to support. It usually includes great products, a wonderful story and someone behind it that is the kind of person you just want to know. Peace of Yarn is one of the those companies for me.

From the first time I saw the quality of her fibers I knew I wanted to sell them in my store. Well, the wait is over. I have received my first order of Peace of Yarn products and I have been spinning away happily since the moment they arrived.

Peace of Yarn is a company that makes fibers available from around the world such as silk from worms that feed on mulberry trees in China, Alpaca from South America, Mongolian cashmere, baby camel and yak plus some of the softest Merino fibers available. All of these fibers are available alone or in blends. Baby Camel/Tussah Silk blend

Melissa's tag line for her company is "The world is spinning" which it is indeed. Hand spinning is on the rise and I don't foresee a slowdown in it's appeal.

Whether you spin, knit, crochet or just love the feel of luxurious fibers come on in to the shop to see what is available from around the world, around the block and around the farm in top quality fibers.

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  1. They are so beautiful and soft. Maybe I need to add spinning to my list of things to learn!